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“They were very helpful and the process of setting up the appointment was easy. First application seems to have worked beautifully. I can enjoy my pool without being concerned about being carried away or West Nile Virus!”

Donna A.

“We had a last minute outdoor party and asked the boys to come by the day before to treat our yard. Despite not being on the schedule for another week, they treated us without hesitation. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!!!”

Frank G.

“Fantastic customer service and a pleasure to do business with! Cleared up my infestation quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended!!!”

John R.

About Us

Ryan Roy has been in the pesticide-application business in one capacity or another for approximately 20 years. He has been a part of thousands of applications for mosquitoes alone and has expanded services for direct focus on ticks and problematic areas of mold in your home or place of business.

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Marksman Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes vary in their habits relative to the species we are dealing with. Connecticut is home to approximately 11 species of mosquito which are considered to be pests to humans and livestock. There is over 100 species in the Northeast, and about 3500 worldwide. Remember, the definition of a species is that it does not have the ability to breed with another species even if it is in the same genus. Species can determine everything from how many eggs it lays (singly or by the hundreds) to their favorite time of day, whether it is overcast daytime or dawn/dusk. We treat your property not only to kill the adult mosquitoes presently there, but barrier the vegetation around your home such that as they fly in and make contact with our product they will die. Their death can take anywhere from five minute to five hours, depending on their exposure to the product–but they are frail insects, and it doesn’t take much. We also use a larvacide product–typically sold to governments as opposed to private companies–which contains two (2) Active Ingredients, both of which are certified organic. This is good for preventing mosquitoes from hatching out of water that pools in stagnant areas. All mosquitoes are aquatic, and their larvae are filter-feeders. Please let us know if you have any questions with regard to our treatment process.

Marksman Tick Control

The products we use to control ticks are quite similar to the products we use to kill mosquitoes. The main difference is that ticks do not fly, or hang out eight (8) feet high, under the leaf of a deciduous tree. Ticks do not hop, bounce, slither, skip, or dance. They crawl incessantly, and they position themselves at advantageous points (like the top of a blade of grass by a pathway) and wait for a host to go by, clinging to the host as it does. Hosts include many blooded vertebrates: deer; rabbits; birds; squirrels/other vermin, and of course–most unfortunately–humans. Our granular barrier will force them to cross through the insecticide as they come in from your woodline to your lawn. Treatments are recommended from March all the way to November, and we have seen ticks in warm Februarys and warm Decembers as well.

Marksman Mold Control

Our mold service is a relatively new concept in the United States. It utilizes an enzyme-based solution which destroys mold and mildew by the natural means of enzymes. The enzymes, coupled with air-scrubbing and traditional remodeling-type remediation when necessary are a means of bringing your air-quality back to where it needs to be to keep you and your family from breathing in harmful substances such as mold spores. Our process is easier, quicker, and less expensive than traditional mold-remediation called for prior to this technique being developed. Send us an email if you would like to learn more about the science behind this wonderful service. We can verify results with mold-spore testing, but prefer you use a third party test to do so, simply to bring you peace of mind without having to take our word for it. Spore-testing aside, the real proof will be when people breathe more easily in their home, and don’t have outrageous “year-round” allergies, when the culprit was actually mold and mildew issues.

Yearly Services Packages

We can put you on a “set it and forget it” plan where we take care of your yard for the year. That means we begin spraying in the spring when it gets warm enough for mosquitoes to emerge, right into the fall where we will treat for other pests if you have pets. We typically spray every 2 weeks to cover the mosquitoes life cycle. You don’t even need to be home when we spray.

Our yearly package has three options

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Summer Deals
  • Full Season Service Contracts

The third option will be the best bang for your buck but if you don’t need the whole season, we can cater to your needs.