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Marksman mold removal specialists use innovative tools and techniques for long-lasting, effective mold remediation. Our process addresses the root source of mold and mildew, offering complete control and continued prevention well after initial treatment. We don’t just treat mold: Our comprehensive removal services ensure your home’s air is clean and safe to breathe.

Mold Testing and Treatment That Lasts

Does your family suffer from allergies year-round? Are water and condensation the norm for your home? These are common indicators that your home may have mold growing inside of it. Allowing mold to grow inside your walls, attic, basement, or central air system can have extremely dangerous implications for your family’s health. The only way to achieve total mold control and clear your home’s air of harmful toxins is through professional mold remediation.

Our staff of professionals use highly targeted, innovative techniques to completely control mold and mildew. Using enzyme-based mold removal along with powerful air scrubbers and remodeling-type remediation when necessary, we attack the root cause of your home’s mold and mildew for continued relief well after treatment. Your family will breathe easier once your home is free from harmful mold spores.

Enzyme-based mold remediation backed by an availble two-year warranty!

Free your family from mold-based health concerns by calling (855) 762-7576 to schedule low-cost testing for your home’s mold removal services.


Amount of homes with water damage.


Amount of chronic sinus infections attributed to mold


The humidity level necessary for mold growth.

Marksman Mold Remediation for Continued Control


Enzyme-based Remediation


Low-Cost Mold Testing


2 Year Warranty Protection Available

Mold Removal Specialists

Our team is specializes in mold remediation, using the most innovative techniques in the industry for complete and total mold control. When your warranty is up, our specialists will perform a free test to ensure no mold has developed in your home.

Innovative Techniques for Continued Control

We target the root cause of mold and mildew using enzyme-based remediation practices and powerful air scrubbing tools. Enzymes continue to deconstruct mold following your mold remediation treatment. We don’t just treat the mold: We treat the polluted air to fully cleanse your home and support optimal respiratory health.

Extended Warranty, Home Inspection, & Low-Cost Testing

Before performing mold remediation services, we can use third-party to perform a formal home inspection to help us identify existing water damage as well as areas with higher potential for mold development. We’ll also perform low-cost testing and offer a two-year warranty in most cases following mold remediation

Deep Discounts for First-Time Customers

Your family’s health shouldn’t wait, which is why we offer $200 off you mold removal service. Just mention this ad. Protect your family from the dangers of mold spores by taking advantage of this special offer.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew with Marksman

Our process is scientifically proven to combat mold and mildew. Your family deserves long-lasting clean air with guaranteed protection from mold development. With our two-year warranty, third-party comprehensive home inspection, and low-cost mold testing services, we can provide your home with continued clean, mold-free air. Breathe easier by calling Marksman at (855) 762-7576 to schedule your home inspection today!

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Owners Ryan & Joel have been in the pesticide-application business in one capacity or another for an approximated & combined 30 years. They have been a part of thousands of applications for mosquitoes alone and have expanded services for direct focus on ticks and problematic areas of mold in your home or place of business.

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